DIRECTORATE GENERAL OF HEALTH SERVICES, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India

Course of Study

First Year
Course title and descriptionTheoryDemonstrationTotalHospitalCommunityTotal
1Community health nursing1205017010100110
2Health Promotion1207519520180200
A. Nutrition352055
B. Human Body & Hygiene352055
C. Environmental Sanitation201535
D. Mental Health301040
3Primary Health Care Nursing - 113015028090300390
A. Infection and Immunization252045
B. Communicable Diseases402565
C. Community Health Problems305080
D. Primary Medical Care301040
E. First Aid and Referral253560
4Child Health Nursing7511018580100180
Total Hours455385835200680880
Total = 1720 Hours

Second Year (First 6 Months)
Course title and descriptionTheoryDemonstrationTotalHospitalCommunityTotal
6Health Centre Management4040806060
Total Hours240200440220220440
Total = 880 Hours

Second Year (Internship Period)
Course title and descriptionHospitalCommunityTotal
Antenatal ward40
Intranatal/labour room120
Post natal ward40
Neonatal care unit40
2Child Health80160240
Community Health and Health center management160160
Total Hours880
Total = 880 Hours In The Internship Period
Grand Total = 1760 Hrs.

Guidelines For Internship

  • The ANM students (in a group of 4-5) should be posted in the sub center/primary health center with a regular ANM for one month/4 weeks for supervised independent practice in the community which should be residential.
  • The students should participate in all the National Health and Family Welfare programs during their clinical experience
  • At least 80% of all the clinical requirements should be completed before appearing for the final (Second year) examination.
  • The principal of the ANM school should certify each student that she has undergone successfully the internship program, 100% clinical requirements and acquired the requisite competencies as listed int the syllabus before the award of the certificatr/diploma by the state nursing councils/examination boards
  • The casebook and competency record book should be completed and signed by the competenent authority of the school.